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Publications by Dewi Jones.

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General Information

Simulation Based Design - the Basics (pdf ~130KB)

A brief article containing a basic account of Simulation Based Design, explaining why it evolved and how it fits into Systems Engineering.

Systems Engineering - An Introduction (pdf ~240KB)

A series of 22 slides that form an introductory presentation on the Systems Engineering process.

The Method of Characteristics (pdf ~633KB)

A document summarising the mathematical background to numerical solution of the 'water hammer' equations.

GWEFR publicity material

Case Study with EA Technology (pdf ~329KB)

A case study on the measurement of the thermo-mechanical properties of undergound power cables.

Case Study with First Hydro Company (pdf ~342KB)

A case study on the development of a hardware-in-the-loop simulator for a hydroelectric pumped-storage station.

Company brochure (pdf ~837KB)

An overview of the company's services


BHA summer forum presentation (pdf ~2165KB)

Slides for the presentation The use of simulation in commissioning a hydropower governor given at the British Hydropower Association's summer forum, June 2013