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Synthetic hourly-mean wind speed datasets for sites in the European Wind Atlas

Purchase complete synthetic datasets of hourly wind speeds for a wide range of locations in Europe. These datasets have been generated to comply with the long-term measured statistics of almost 200 meteorological stations published in the European Wind Atlas. The price of a single dataset is only 46, reducing with the number of sets you buy.

Some uses of the datasets are:

Synthetic wind speed series annual and diurnal cycle

Advantages of synthetic datasets:

Sample dataset available:

Download a sample dataset (~89 Kb .xls) that contains a complete statistics sheet and 1 year of data.

Dataset characteristics:

Every dataset contains 10 years of hourly-mean wind speeds, synthesised to conform with statistics published in the European Wind Atlas. The controlled characteristics of the time series are:

Datasets are provided as:

An Excel® 2007 file containing:

together with software for:

Excel dataset

Excel charts

Locations available:

Complete sets for the United Kingdom and Germany are available immediately:

United Kingdom Germany

Other sites in the European Wind Atlas will be available shortly. If you require a particular site or country set, please contact us so that we can give priority to producing them.

Complete list of sites for which datasets can be produced (~ 90K PDF).

Technical Notes:

Click here for a brief technical description of the synthesis method and some applications advice.

Conditions of Use, Price and Ordering Information:

A single dataset costs only 46 and you can buy all 22 UK sets currently available for 396 - just 18 per set.

The full price structure and ordering information is stated on the Order Form (PDF ~241Kb).

The datasets are supplied subject to compliance with the Conditions of Use (PDF ~278Kb) which you should read before ordering.