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Simulation of hydroelectric system control

This simulation package helps in the design and specification of control systems (governors) for hydroelectric power stations. It is particularly useful at the feasibility study or preliminary design stages of the project life-cycle and only requires a minimum amount of information (reservoir head, pipe lengths and diameters, turbine/generator ratings etc) for your proposed site.

The generic package is excellent for developers who recognise the value of early knowledge about system behaviour but do not have the staff or software to do the modelling in-house. Take advantage of our previous experience in this field.

Simulation can also be a valuable diagnostic tool at existing installations where stability or response times are poor.

The package has been assembled with regard to IEEE Standard 1207-2004 "IEEE Guide for the Application of Turbine Governing Systems for Hydroelectric Generating Units". It implements standard models for hydroelectric system control as described in the classic IEEE article "Hydraulic turbine control models for system dynamic studies" .

You will get a CD containing detailed simulation data and a report. Learn more by downloading a sample client’s report (~2.6M PDF).

Outline of hydraulic installation

The main features are:

Response of elastic and inelastic water column models


Simulink block diagram

What we need from you:

Bode plot for the controller

You will get:

Beyond the generic package:

We can work with you to :

As a guideline, the price for the generic package ranges from £1,000 to £1,500 (+ VAT). This depends largely on how much detail (boundary conditions) needs to be included in the hydraulic model and any features of the proposed system which lie outside the scope of the standard set of models.