NEWS 2011

April 2011
EA Technology has renewed its Associate Consultant contract with GWEFR for 2011/12.

EA Technology has appointed GWEFR as a consultant to conduct a study of materials used in HV outdoor cable terminations. The project will involve a technical literature search, analysing measurements made on samples of materials and preparing a report and recommendations for the client.

June 2011
GWEFR has a new telephone number +44 (0)1286 400250.

August 2011
First Hydro Company has commissioned GWEFR to enhance their hardware-in-the-loop simulator to include a facility for conducting contractual tests.

September 2011
Dewi Jones will be teaching 2 courses at Bangor University this Autumn semester - 'Control Systems' at the School of Electronic Engineering and 'Professional Perspectives' at the School of Computer Science.

GWEFR is conducting a fact-finding study on the nature of faults in HV cable sheaths for EA Technology.

November 2011
This month we have been assisting First Hydro Company and American Governor in the first stage of commissioning the software and PLC hardware for their new governor system, using the hardware-in-the-loop simulator developed previously by GWEFR.