NEWS 2013

January 2013
GWEFR will perform experiments to determine the shrinkage characterstics of various types of oversheath on polymeric power cables. The project will be performed for EA Technology.

February 2013
Dewi Jones will be teaching the first year undergraduate module on 'Professional Perspectives' at the School of Computer Science, Bangor University this Spring semester.

May 2013
EA Technology has renewed its Associate Consultant contract with GWEFR for 2013/14.

The prospects for a replacement nuclear power station at Wylfa took a turn for the better when Horizon Nuclear Power was bought by Hitachi Ltd in November 2012. The first of their supply chain events was held at Venue Cymru in Llandudno on 21st May. The speakers came from Hitachi, Horizon and Ynys Môn Council with a brief address by the Welsh Government's Minister for Economy, Science and Transport, Edwina Hart. Much of the background for the project was explained and some of the obstacles that need to be overcome before construction can begin were outlined. It was clearly early days for the supply chain but potential suppliers were encouraged to register their interest at this stage.

June 2013
A presentation entitled The use of simulation in commissioning a hydropower governor was given at the summer forum organised by the British Hydropower Association. The one-day event was held at the University of the West of England, Bristol, on May 25th.

The presentation described how GWEFR developed a 'hardware-in-the-loop' simulator for the First Hydro Company at the Dinorwig pumped storage hydroelectric station. By using a simulator, it was possible to verify virtually all of the new governor's actions before it was connected to the plant, thus minimising the risk of damage during physical commissioning and reducing the period and cost of the outage. The topics discussed included a distributed-parameter model of the hydraulics, nonlinear pump-turbine characteristics, mode-change sequencer logic, ancillary plant and the electronics and user interfaces.

Download the slides for the presentation.

July 2013
Dewi Jones has accepted an invitiation to join the International Programme Committee for CONTROL 2014, the 10th UKACC International Conference on Control, to be held at Loughborough University 9th - 11th July 2014.

September 2013
GWEFR has delivered a report to EA Technology that reviews the state of the art of materials for use as special backfill for underground power lines. Burying power lines underground requires the use of controlled materials with known thermal properties that are capable of dissipating the heat from the cables even when the surrounding soil has dried out during periods of high temperatures. GWEFR also produced an assessment of the current UK industry standard for special backfill and advised on the need for updating the specification.

December 2013
Silicone oils and gels are a vital component of EHV terminations and it is essential that all such compounds used on the electricity transmission and distribution networks be fully qualified for this purpose. Following on from previous work on this topic, GWEFR has completed a project to prepare a rigorous technical specification for silicone compounds that are used in the demanding environment of EHV terminations. The project was carried out for EA Technology.