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Dewi in 2010

Dewi Jones is a Director of GWEFR.

He is a graduate of the University of Wales, Bangor where he received the BSc degree in Electronic Engineering in 1972. He then spent three years as an Ionosphericist with the British Antarctic Survey after which he returned to the University of Wales, Bangor to take the MSc and PhD degrees in control systems engineering.

For 2 years he was a research engineer at the GEC Marconi Research Centre in Chelmsford where he worked in control systems and computer simulation for various air defence projects.

In 1980 he was appointed a Lecturer at the University of Wales, Bangor and subsequently became a Senior Lecturer and Reader. His main areas of research were control systems applications, control of electrical and electromechanical devices, real-time parallel computation of control algorithms, vibration isolation for spacecraft and hydroelectric plant control. He has published over 100 papers in journals and conferences. List of publications (~45KB PDF)

From 1994-1996 he was appointed as a Royal Society Industry Fellow and worked for EA Technology Ltd in Capenhurst, Chester, on automated power line inspection.

In 2002, he was awarded the DSc degree by the University of Wales.

During 2005 - 2007 he spent extensive periods in Australia working with the CSIRO Autonomous Systems Laboratory in Brisbane on unmanned aerial vehicles for power line inspection.

He is:

A Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology

A Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Dewi left Bangor University in 2008 to form GWEFR Cyf.

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Eleri in 2008

Eleri Jones is a Director and Company Secretary of GWEFR.

She is the Principal Editor and Translator for Cymraeg Clir in Canolfan Bedwyr at Bangor University. She received the BA degree from the Open University in 1986 and a Certificate in Education from Llandaff College of Education, Cardiff in 1977. In 2001 she was awarded the University of Wales Postgraduate Certificate in Translation (with Distinction), becoming a member of the Society of Welsh Translators in 2002 and a senior member in 2012.

She is a professional Administrator with experience at the Welsh Office, HM Collector of Taxes, Coleg Normal and Bangor University and holds Higher Level RSA/WJEC qualifications in Bilingual Secretarial and Administrative duties.

Sa'ad in 2007

Sa'ad Mansoor is a consultant to GWEFR.

He is Head of the School of Computer Science at Bangor University. He received the BSc degree in Electrical Technology from the University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq in 1981. Following a period as an engineer in the electrical manufacturing industry, he took a BEng in Electrical Engineering and then a PhD in Control Engineering from the University of Wales, Bangor, in 2000.

For 3 years he was a Research Officer at the University of Wales, Bangor where he developed a complex nonlinear model of the Dinorwig pumped storage hydroelectric scheme and investigated advanced methods for frequency control.

He was appointed a Lecturer in computer science in 2003 and Senior Lecturer in 2008 and now specialises in distributed computing and systems modelling.

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The GWEFR logo:   The logo background represents a block of amber for which the old Welsh name is 'gwefr'. Nowadays, 'gwefr' stands for electric charge but in the form 'gwefreiddiol' is commonly used to denote 'sparkling' or 'inspiring'. The blue motif is reminiscent of a lightning strike, to signify the company's electrical association but also represents a binary tree to make a software connection. Thankfully, the white exponential line has no meaning at all.