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Long-term simulation of off-grid wind generator systems

This simulation package helps assess the viability of a proposed site for a wind-generator system (WGS) that is not connected to the electricity grid. Minimising load outage becomes critically dependent on local energy storage as well as the power characteristic of the wind turbine and the wind environment itself.

If you can provide us with a modest amount of information on your proposed installation then we will run batch simulations to explore the effect of varying parameter values on system performance.

You will get a CD containing detailed simulation data and a report. Learn more about WGS simulation and what the software does by downloading a sample client’s report (~1.5M PDF).

Windspeed graph and histogram

The main features are:

Wind turbine power characteristics


Down-time and battery charge

What we need from you:

List of locations available (~ 90K PDF).

Excel data files

You will get:

Beyond the generic package:

We can work with you to produce bespoke simulations that, for example:

The guideline price for the generic package is £550 (+ VAT). This may vary, depending on how much data preparation is required for input to the simulation.